There are two excellent reasons homeowners should consider upgrading to tankless water heaters.

First, they significantly reduce the monthly expenses derived from generating hot water, by as much as up to 40% depending on the model.

Even better, these units will maintain hot water even when multiple people are using it at the same time. That means you won’t run out of hot water right in the middle of something crucial (like a shower.)

Luckily, nearly anyone can enjoy the benefits of a tankless heater. Installation only requires six steps!

1. Turn off the Power

You’ll want to turn off power to the existing water heater from the breaker panel, so there’s no chance of a mishap. Always exercise caution when working with electricity, as it poses a severe threat.

2. Run the Appropriate Wire

To power the tankless heater, you’ll need to run electrical wiring from the location of the current water heater to the breaker panel. If you are unsure of yourself, consider contacting water heater repair services to help streamline the project.

3. Install the Breaker

You’ll need to hook up the new breaker with electric wiring. The breaker size must be for the correct number of amps recommended for the tankless water heater. You’ll have to connect the red and black wires to the dual “hot inputs” on the breaker.

After that, you’ll connect the white wire to the “neutral” connector. The ground on breaker connects to the exposed copper wire. Finally, you’ll snap it into one of the open ports on the panel.

4. Install the Power Outlet

The tankless water heater will likely require a power outlet. Install a 50 amp 240V electrical outlet to accommodate the new unit. If these terms are meaningless to you, you may want to consider hiring a professional to do the work.

5. Remove the Old Unit

Now you’ll need to get rid of the old tank. Turn off the water lines connecting to the unit and unplug everything.

You’ll want to run a hose to the tank’s drain port (located near the bottom.)

Run the hose outside of the house, to drainage, or into a sink. Let the water heater completely drain. Finally, disconnect both of the water lines in and out of the water heater. Now you can pull the tank out of the house.

6. Install the New Tankless Water Heater

Bring in the new heater and put it in place of the old one. Now it’s time to connect the input pipe of the tankless water heater main water line.

Now plug the tankless heater into the proper outlet. Turn the water back on and carefully inspect for leaks. Now move to another section of the house and test the hot water.

Naturally, you may always opt for professional water heater repair services instead. If you’re in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area, contact American Freedom Plumbing for assistance.

We simplify the entire process by doing all the expert work without delays or hassle on your part. Let us complete all your water heater repair services, and you can enjoy all the benefits a tankless heater has to offer you and your family.







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